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What is moss?

Moss is a small plant that grows in shaded and moist areas. It is common to see moss growth on roof tops where little sun reaches. The best condition for moss to grow is in low lighting and moist air.

Why remove moss?

Moss collects moisture and stores it which slowly damages roofs and eventually causes roof leaks when it rains. The water stored in the moss corrodes brick walls and roof tiles like the brick illustrated in the image on the right. The yellow patches are moss grown on the wall and you can see where the wall has corroded where moss was.

Moss Killer - Protection !

We specialise in roof cleaning and we can clean roofs covered in moss. We use pressure washing tools to remove moss from roofs and we apply roof paint to prevent the return of moss giving your roof a new lease of life  and saving you money on expensive repairs

Not only will our coatings protect you they will also coat tiles extending their useful life

And as prices increase our services

Will continue to save you money

now and in the future

Your Roof protects you and your property slate roofs can be a problem over the years - our services can provide and weather seal coating

That can save you money for years to come avoiding time trouble and expense and property damage

Weather and Storm Damage These pictures illustrate what can happen once Moss gets a hold